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Deshou / Sa-chi Launchy Skin by sKonabu Deshou / Sa-chi Launchy Skin by sKonabu
My first Launchy skin I've made, Enjoy! let me know how I'm doing.
There are a total of four different variants of this inside, which all of them look pretty nice and fitting to Ravmunken's Deshou VS

"サーチ" - "Search"

Fonts : haxrcorp s8

Special Thanks to Ravmunken


~ 13.11.30 * Changed the heights of input, output and サーチ " Nothing too special. " *

~ 13.12.6 * Added bigger style of サーチ into .Zip to change between the small/big style simply rename the "frame" image in the folder to exactly just 'Frame' but make sure what ever one you change, you change the other back to ex: " frameBig, FrameSmall " *

~ 13.12.10 * changed background, input, output color, along with サーチ with a different border / text color. Overall much darker than before. *

~ 13.12.12 * Changed heights of input/output, disabled 'alternate paths completely will no longer appear. I've also taken down the Bigger frame style, I didn't like it as much so I am re-doing it along with the normal frame, I'll upload that when finished. *

~ 14.02.03 * Added 5 new variants ( Gray, Dark Gray, Pink ) all now being done like Deshou by Ravmunken ( Thank you~ ) New preview image *

~ 14.06.09 * fixed alternative paths, removed the pink version because I didn't like it very much, new borders around the skin, fixed some of the fonts/colors,
made the skin smaller. may add borderless version.. *

~ 14.08.14 *

Skin is now clean and smaller. ;) Not much too it. Also added new Preview image.

Deshou VS
Deshou STEAM
Deshou Icons

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Concentus1 Featured By Owner Mar 1, 2014
I've been having a strange problem with this skin lately. When i search for something, the drop down results don't appear directly below the program ( like this Do you have any idea what could be causing this?
sKonabu Featured By Owner Mar 2, 2014  Student Interface Designer
I actually never edited the dropdown box.. I can fix that in a future update. I normally just disable that feature for all of my launchy skins so I totally forgot about that~ XD

if you would like me to update fix that I can, or you can simply disable like I do & create all the paths you need in the settings.
Concentus1 Featured By Owner Mar 2, 2014
A fix would be great, but how did you manage to disable the suggestion list? I tried messing with the settings but I didn't see a option for it. I love this skin btw, It looks great with the Deshou VS.
sKonabu Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2014  Student Interface Designer
I will update soon, I promise.. I just had a loss in the family so I'm currently dealing with that.

Thanks though!
theWiz974 Featured By Owner Feb 28, 2014
Nice :) I like it.
sKonabu Featured By Owner Feb 28, 2014  Student Interface Designer
Thanks a lot, I appreciate the fav as well. :)

DevineLord Featured By Owner Nov 19, 2013
Really nice for a bblean styled desktop. :)
I like it.
sKonabu Featured By Owner Nov 19, 2013  Student Interface Designer
Thanks I'm glad you like it, I appreciate the feedback :) (Smile)
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November 17, 2013
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